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Incorporation of

Yayasan Under SSM

Yayasan is an organization that is established exclusively for charitable purposes without any profit oriented. The Companies Act 1965 requires an initial fund of RM1 million cash available as a main condition for the foundation to established. The liability of yayasan is limited. It is limited to the amount of guaranteed made by its members in the event of foundation winding up insolvent.

Application Package

  • 2x Official name search
  • Unlimited unofficial name search
  • 8x Board of trustees
  • MyCoID systems data entry
  • Application paperwork preparation & lodgement to SSM/Minister
  • Constitution preparation & lodgement to SSM/Minister
  • Signing documents by the company secretary
  • Constitution stamping at LHDN
  • Gazetted name application payment to SSM
  • Registration payment to SSM
  • Name approval certificate by Minister
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • 2 Set of BOT resolution to open a bank account
  • 2 Set of BOT resolution to open an online banking
  • 3 Set of the complete set
  • Register book (keep at register office)
  • Maintaining and bookkeeping of register books
  • Professional consultation

* Term & Condition applied

2-3 months*

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